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Welcome! My name is Abenezer and I make Ethiopian electronic dance music, Recently I wrote a book about how to use music theory to make music on a computer in different kinds of styles mainly  the newest of all E.E.D.M or Ethiopian electronic dance music which is my special interest and passion. To get the feel of my music you can listen to a couple of my works.
It has been hard for me trying to make Ethiopian electronic dance music in the past few years because I couldn’t find reading materials about Ethiopian music theory but once I figured it out I complied it within the book I present you today.

The book features  

  • Simplified notes on classical and Ethiopian music theory with a step by step guide on how to use them with fl studio audio production software to make Ethiopian electronic dance music
  • Ground breaking methods on how to create a heart melting melody only using fl studio on any Ethiopian or other scales(KiƱits) by using 3/4 (chic-chika) 4/4 (common) rhythms by only using your computer 
  • Another ground breaking method on how to extract all the notes of a song using latest fl studio plug-ins so if there is a song you will like to have access to the musical notes involved look no further
  • A way to separate a melody from vocal through the process of De-noising.
  • And free EEDM starter pack which contains kirar sample pack and useful fl studio files to start making Ethiopian electronic dance music.
Don’t miss out on this powerful bundle which will empower you to join the Habesha youth Cultural Revolution in a snap; no matter where you are, which sex you are or how old you are!

Optimized for smart reading!
Difficulty   beginner to intermediate
Pages    less than 100
Format  PDF
file size 38 Mb (including free sample pack & project files)
Price 14.99$

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