Benicinia underground electronic music producer/Dj based in Addis Ababa he is among the pioneers in the brand new genre of EEDM and in the rave subculture in Addis he also produces in a global genres such progressive house and uplifting trance where he gets the inspiration to drive his version of Ethiopian electronic music.
Benicinia started Djing while in college in the beautiful city of Awassa where he also received Bachelor of Science in civil & urban engineering and learnt one or two things about life other than music theory his spirituality emanates from his interdisciplinary attitude towards religion, science, nationalism. He credits his musical style to the world and to the rich culture of his people where brave men and women have sacrificed their precious life to preserve it and now a prominent place in Africa where western liberal culture fiercely confronts eastern conservative values.
Benicinia claims to be looking for the missing link between classical/ quantum physics and old/new testament biblical teachings and the divine place his home land holds within the scripture of Christianity and its relevance to mankind.